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Student Group and Sports Forum
So we’ve just had the first Student Groups and Sport better forum. Thanks so much for everyone that attended – it was great to chat to so many of you and if you have any more queries then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Just visit the contact me page for the details

I’ll be reviewing all the action points shortly and then feeding back to you once I’ve chased them up. I’ve got a meeting booked in to review all the outstanding actions from last year too so hopefully will be able to report back with some good news soon!

We’ve just confirmed the miniforum dates for the next couple of weeks, please take note of which meeting your group needs to send a representative to. During these meetings, we’ll be electing 2 students per miniforum to sit on Guild Council to represent the interests of student group members.

Thurs 13th: Religious & Faith, 6-7.30pm, Green Room
Fri 14th, Associations, 4-5.30pm, Basement Rehearsal Room
Mon 17th, Campaigning & Political, 5-6.30pm, Green Room
Tues 18th: Music & Dance, 5.30-7pm, Old Mentors Office (near Mandela)
Thurs 20th: Volunteering, 5-6.30pm, Basement Rehearsal Room
Fri 21st, Outdoor & Recreational Pursuits, 5.30-7pm, Basement Rehearsal
Tues 25th: Drama & Performance, 5-6pm, Green Room
Weds 26th, Media, 4-5.30pm, Green Room
Weds 26th, Cultural & International, 5.30-7pm, Green Room
Thurs 27th, Departmental, 6-7.30pm, Basement meeting room
Fri 28th: Indoor Activities, 5-6.30pm, Green Room.

Please ask if you’ve got any questions, and sorry for the short notice for the first couple – we need to squeeze them in to fit Guild Councillor training dates (as the first GC is on 10th November)

Guild Council
It is highly important that student groups have a voice in Guild Council so if you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of our councillors for the year then put yourself forward at the next round of miniforums. I used to love Guild Council – it’s more fun than it sounds and it was my first insight into student union politics. I highly recommend it and if you want to chat to me about what it entails/my experience then please get in contact. I probably wouldn’t be sat here now without having got involved with guild council and it really helped give me a great grounding for the role of VPAD – there aren’t many places where you can make a real difference to changing viewpoints, seeing change enacted from what you say or getting your voice heard but this is one of them. Even if you have no prior experience of politics like myself.

That’s it for now. I’ll be giving you a more comprehensive update of what I’m doing soon!

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