Potential move for the Job Zone to link up with an on campus agency in the Harvey Milk Room

Hi all,

First of all a massive thank you to everyone who came to Guild Awards and congratulations to all the winners and those who were commended.

There are some more changes to rooms going on at the moment that we’re looking for some feedback from student groups.

There have been talks with the University about setting up an on-campus job agency to centralise all university jobs. Originally the Guild wanted to host this through the Job Zone but due to the fact that we’re a seperate charity, it created issues with VAT.

Since then, the University and Guild have been working together to propose a model where we work together with the Job Zone, so students are signposted to the same place for part time work rather than splitting it into two areas.

However, the current Job Zone space is too small to house another couple of staff members and so the only real place for it to move to would be the Harvey Milk Room. This is so it is still next to the membership area and of a suitable size.

I know some of you will be very worried about this, but don’t despair! Rather timely, Fresh Asia have cleared out of their space. Although we are still in talks with them about this, we will be able to guarantee this space for student groups in exchange for Harvey Milk in the long term. This may work better for some of you because it is a large (Rosa Parks sized) room with a hard floor and high ceiling which should make it quite a flexible space.

Unfortunately the only problem with this is that there may be a time gap between losing Harvey Milk and gaining Fresh Asia. The University have already started recruiting for the agency and if they cannot put it into the Guild over the summer at the latest then they will create the agency elsewhere in the uni which could be a rival to the Job Zone. The trend of SU job shops across the country is that many are being absorbed by the uni or struggling to continue due to the recession. Due to this, there are fears that if we do not get the on campus job agency in the Guild then the Job Zone may have a limited lifespan.

Apologies for not being able to talk about it with you sooner. The first I have been made aware of this was earlier this term and I have not been in contact with the uni about the agency. It has only just been confirmed that the uni definitely want the Harvey Milk space hence why I am contacting you all for feedback now.

I know many of you may be worried about this so please don’t hesitate to contact me if so. I have brought any previous feedback – on the society email to the attention of the Sabbatical Team. As a consequence, they are largely in favour of the development going ahead all though it is noted that drama groups and the Tea society are especially concerned about this. I will be in touch with those groups in due course to talk about their needs and working around these specifically but if anyone else does have any concerns please let me know asap.